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With over 15 years in this industry I have seen many things change in regards to safety in this industry. It’s a slow progress in a positive direction for sure, yet Having taken the initiative to educate through University study courses in regards to occupational health and safety, I see there is still a lot of work to be done. There is a lack of education by employers to their staff. This may be from a result of the employers themselves not understanding or knowing enough about the hazards in their workplaces. I know I was guilty of this. The old hurry and “GIT ‘ER DONE” mentality is still being taught.

Now although many companies are proclaiming their safety records are improving and incidents occurred are at all time lows, which is great!… But there are many aspects over-looked when it comes to Chronic long term exposures. This could be from hearing loss from prolonged noise or cancer and symptoms that come later in life from chemical exposures. These are things that don’t affect a company’s safety Or workers insurance compensation ratings because they are hard for insurance companies and doctors to pin point at what point of time the degrading of hearing, or when the body had the exposure to these chemicals. This sadly becomes over looked in regards to safety.

Regulations are changing! But not fast enough. I know our industry is full of chemical exposures, and noise above the allowable decibel range. So why do we not implement better awareness? Better training for workers and corporate decision makers? I’ve seen the same lack of action or awareness at so many companies. We need to work on change and setting a new standard.

After all, the next generation of workers could already be affected, because of chemical exposure that workers take home on their clothes, skin and vehicles that now can leave effects on their families to expiate them. Benzene, silica, and asbestos, and many chemicals can be transported and It’s true it can start to harm your kids or family members. Educate yourself and educate your staff.



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Moscow: Russia launched construction on Monday of a 770 billion ruble ($20.8 billion) gas pipeline that will help bring gas from the far east of the country to China.
“We are today (Monday) starting the biggest construction project in the world,” President Vladimir Putin said at the ceremonial joining of the first sections of the 3,968km Siberian Strength pipeline outside the eastern Siberian city of Yakutsk.
“But it is not about records, it is the fact that it is an extremely important project for the Russian Federation and for the People’s Republic of China,” he said, according to comments broadcast on national TV.
China’s vice-premier Zhang Gaoli, who was also in attendance at the ceremony, said he hoped the pipeline would be completed within four years.
“China already plans in the first half of next year to start building the Chinese section of the pipeline and we should make…

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There is a wide variety of occupations this industry offers. Educated engineers, geologists, accountants, lawyers, etc. You can work in major oil prominent cities such as Texas or Calgary in Canada. You can work your way up to incomes exceeding 300k a year. That being said, you dont have to go to school to be making six figure incomes. Just about every service company now a days pays their experienced blue collar workers six figures. You can make $70,000+ a year as an entry level worker. The money can be great, provide for your family, or maybe buy you that new house or car you wish you could get.
With the demand for energy there are opportunities and jobs galore. Everyone is short handed. They would hire just about anyone on the spot!
But the truth is, it’s not for everyone. Some jobs are very labour intensive. Heavy back breaking lifting, 12-16 hour days on your feet working in the elements of extreme heat or cold. It’s dirty, it’s loud, and it’s away from your family, friends and life back at home, it can be stressful. These are the reasons the rewards for your labour can be so good. As employees starting out they can be making $300-400 a day in most field occupations. Some more veteran employees, supervisors make over $1000 a day. That’s a lot of money for being good and experienced at what you do. The Oil companies make millions or more in profits. But they have a lot of overhead. Large contracting service companies too can make millions in profits. They can achieve this by having the quality people under them keeping the operations working, meeting time lines, and pushing to achieve success. There’s no reason anyone can’t make a great life in this industry, it’s just what you are willing to sacrifice in your life for it.

The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it.

– Henry David Thoreau