Fracking…It’s not the new ‘F’ word, but saying it definitely can put the same offended look on many peoples faces.

What is it?

Hydraulic fracturing is a well-stimulation technique in which rock is fractured by a hydraulically pressurized liquid. A high-pressure fluid (usually chemicals and sand suspended in water) is injected into a wellbore to create cracks in the deep-rock formations through which natural gas, petroleum, and brine will flow more freely. When the hydraulic pressure is removed from the well, small grains of hydraulic fracturing proppants (either sand or aluminium oxide) hold the fractures open once the deep rock achieves geologic equilibrium. -Wikipedia defined

Why is it perceived as being so bad?

Many issues lean towards health and environmental damages and contamination of ground water, the mass depletion of fresh water from rivers and creeks, air pollution, and a potential link to the triggering of earthquakes.

Now an alternative that has been developed is fracking using propane gas instead of water. This technology has been around for a few years, offered by one specific company. Unfortunately the “more environmentally friendly” approach is not receiving the amount of interest the company hoped, and they too will have to resort to the old fashioned water abusing ways every other stimulation company offers. That unfortunately is the cost of business, just look at the GM debacle with their ignition systems!

They say you can’t put a value on a life…

Well, as a business, we know you need to make money to stay in business. We try and do our part in this industry by offering  products and designs that lessens the emissions footprint this industry leaves, but like some innovations, not everyone is going to choose what society wants and needs over profits.


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