As I sit here on this desolate well site waiting for my cross shift to show, I often wonder why I or anyone chooses this occupation…this lifestyle.

The fellas at Xtra Energy are a close bunch. They always seem to enjoy going off to the field to do an excellent job for the customer. That’s where some of their good friends are. They are always excited and proud to flow back some giant wells, and be part of something substantial. Of course they are paid well and I know they have to work to provide, but they always seem to enjoy the work.

So what’s the worry?

Being close to the guys working at Xtra I watch as they have grown a bit older, got married and now starting to have kids and grow their family. I start to see a different group and see the challenges of being separated from their families. Kids grow and experience many firsts. friends are doing activities, going to events, enjoying some freedom and the wife is maintaining the fort, family and keeping busy to fill the void of her husband being away for extended periods of time. It’s not the dream life anyone wants.

I commend those who do this for a living. I do it for a living.
I’m married.
No kids.
I feel the same sorrow.
I look back at how much time I’ve put into this career, the good times, the bad times, missed opportunities, bad choices. One things is for sure though. Family should come first, and I hope the challenges faced with this industry will always help those in it go home safe and to happy loving family.

I mean why else do we choose to work in the energy industry other than to give a better life to our family?

  1. thortonjakes says:

    Nicely said, and great perspective.


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