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I can Remember about 20 years ago the first website I ever developed on my own. I was so excited. It was all about mountain bikes. Every brand. Pictures only. And all just borrowed from other sites. When I think back to that time I can remember how easy it was. And that’s when Internet was quite a new thing to me anyway. Google wasn’t the go to place for searches. Google wasn’t even created yet!

So now I decided to redesign the company website myself. Wasn’t hard. But of course there are programs that make it as easy as writing a post on Facebook now. Crazy. 

Well at least in my mind I still got it.  

 Xtra Energy Services


Calgary jobs down. Property values up!

Global News

CALGARY – If you’ve seen the $4.7-million “for sale” sign on Escoba Bistro , you might be wondering how property values got so high in downtown Calgary.

Owner Darren Hamelin tweeted the below to bring attention to a 97 per cent increase in his property taxes this year. He’s not actually selling the restaurant, but trying to make a point. He’s “strongly considering” putting it on the market at $4.7M for the next six months to prove there will be “not be one single buy” at the price it’s been assessed at by the city.

Hamelin, who’s owned Escoba on 8 Ave. for the last 18 years, claims the city has moved from a “revenue to land sales method” in assessing properties. He says the problem with that…

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