Is oil making a run for it?

Posted: March 1, 2017 in Uncategorized

Featured Image -- 122The black gold rush is in another early stage for a come back. It feels a little different. Sure everyone had tried to cut back. Watch their bottom line and weather this storm. But this time many have shut down or sold off to larger entities or have been consumed by the bank.

With things only starting to pick up you can see the issues all companies are sharing. They cut their workforce and now they need them back in a big way. But now many aren’t ready to come back. They have found alternative sources of income. New jobs.

If they come back, how can they be sure they will stay working? That they won’t just end up unemployed if things don’t turn around?

New young inexperienced workers don’t want to have to work that hard, be away from home for weeks on end. They don’t want to end up like their parents or family friends that have lost everything banking on the big oil boom that took it all away when the bust cycle settled in.

How do you attract new people? Or bring back the experienced people when budgets are tight and companies can’t afford to bring back incentives and big wages to attract people without putting the company in financial jeopardy?

As a service company fortunately xtra stayed conservative through the last few years. Keeping overhead low, a small crew of elite employees and good relationships with current clients.

But now is the time to gear and soldier up. To jump into the war for our marketshare. Seeing the storm clouds clearing, we believe the boom is on its way back. With new equipment being added to the fleet, and now with resources to enhance our services and develop market leading technologies we hope to be in on the forefront of the next new wave of energy development with the top most technologically advanced fleet of well testing equipment and employees that excel at showcasing the evolution of what well testing can and should be.

With real time data that engineers can access from their computer and hand held devices. The ability to transfer well data to other programs to accelerate reporting times and not be stuck waiting for emailed updates.
This will also aid in the safety of employees and other contractors onsite.

With the struggle of finding new workers that want to stick with a career in the oil and gas, resources need to be used to advance equipment to reduce the workload and requirements of staff.

To allow productivity to continue at the same rate or better than before with fewer people and still allow the experienced staff time to train new aspiring employees in this fast paced budget and time constraint industry.
Live data is not new for well testing. But it hasn’t become an industry standard due to cost of equipment and return on investment.

But it can’t stay that way. High cost drilling and completions need information now, immediate decisions can be made when information can be presented immediately.
With how technology has made most services or information on anything required almost immediate, why would clients expect anything less for well information?
This is only a basic introduction into what the think tanks at Xtra Energy are looking to bring to their services to stay competitive. With the new carbon taxes implemented we believe the future is to help clients not only reduce emissions and costs associated with flaring if pipeline infrastructure isn’t available, but to eliminate flaring with such technologies as cryogenic flare gas filtration to remove carbon and other emissions from clean up well gas.

We are excited to see technology has a place in our field and hope to be the leaders in presenting it to the industry


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