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I’ve been closely watching the news articles online and on twitter and have been posting them as well. It’s amazing the different views that get spread. How do you believe or agree to any of it. Good writers share their views in hopes of the public agreeing or seeing their point. But headings always sound like the worst case scenario, and news is almost never positive. The oil price is down. One article says CRASH!While the next says the drop is going to be beneficial. The dollar in Canada is down. The recession is coming again they say. The housing market is going to crash they say. I just read and commented on an article trying to sell people on fracking being as harmless as household chemicals because the new fad seems to be protesting anything to do with fracking, oil sands or pipeline expansion. People need jobs! People need heat, electricity, fuel for their cars, planes to ride to vacations, cook their food. I’m sure the protestors didn’t ride their bikes or walk to Fort Mac, or Vancouver. I like clean air and water too, but people need to understand it’s a very wealthy industry. Why put fear into people? Why try and make up b.s? People want and need information, and the internet is exploding with it. How do you know what to believe anymore with so many “Experts” telling you facts and fiction? It actually stresses me out! I’ll need to climb in a hole to clean my brain of all the mixed media. Life happens. There’s ups and downs. Just have to live, and be strong, Darwinism.